The Best Way to Reach Students with SMS for Higher Education

Conversational messaging empowers education providers to engage with more
students and boost student success while using less resources.

Students Prefer Messaging

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Open Rate for SMS

As compared to a 20% open rate for email.

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Student Sign Up

Via text updates vs. 10.9% of all prospective students.

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Of Students

Say they’d like to receive relevant information from colleges via text.

“Our ability to communicate effectively with students reached new heights through SMS-Magic and with their recent upgrade to Converse.”
Nicholas Brownell
Director of Enrollment Operations and Technology,
California Baptist University

How Northwest used texting to drive 15X student engagement.

Messaging for Higher Education

Admissions & Enrollment

Enroll more students. Use conversational messaging to answer admissions questions and streamline the enrollment process with automated messages and reminders.

Student Financial Services

Get tuition payments on time and increase FAFSA form completions with text reminders. Guide students through the financial aid application process with conversational messaging. 

Student Retention

Ensure student success by providing student coaching, helpdesk responses, reminders for registration and document deadlines, scheduling advisor meetings, and more.

Campus Alerts

Get important alerts and notifications out to your student body fast with mass SMS campaigns. Notify students of weather closures, safety alerts, etc.

Campus Events

Increase event attendance. Promote sporting, arts, and other campus events to your student body with text messages.

Career Services

Use conversational messaging to help students search and find the ideal job. Text reminders about career fairs, internship opportunities, job listings, and campus speakers.

Alumni Relations

Keep the relationship with your alumni going. Send alerts for alumni events, university news, fundraising efforts, and more.

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Your students prefer texting. Learn how to do it right with this guide for higher education.

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